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Your fitness training  is now 100% online and instantly accessible!

Your Impact Method Complete Fitness Classes Includes:

More than 200 Fitness Workout and Nutrition Video Packages you can download

  1. 12 Heart Pumping Warm-ups – Productive and fun ways to heat up the core temperature and set the tone for an intense and body changing workout
  2. 12 Complete IMPACT Method Workouts (high quality videos you can watch online or download)
  3. 12 Speed, Agility and Quickness Drills – These interval based workouts include balance, partner work, cone drills, speed rope and more to increase performance, and fat burning
  4. 12 Strength and Conditioning Workouts – these workouts are designed to target all of the major and minor muscle groups and focus on increasing muscle strength and endurance
  5. 12 Intense Cardio Segments – You will never get on a treadmill again.  These segments are aimed at boosting cardio endurance thorough interval based training moves that will help your  explosiveness and cardio performance
  6. 12 Dynamic Stretching Segments – Both static and dynamic stretches will be demonstrated to improve the flexibility of each muscle group targeted in the workout segment.
More than 200 Fitness workout and Nutrition Video packages.More than 50 Fitness and Nutrition eBooks
NOTE: 100% of your training is online. You will get immediate access following your online registration. You can download all of your lessons if you want.
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